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Legal advice and assistance for:

Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy Law

The professionals at Piselli & Partners have significant expertise in this field and support companies in crisis. This involves helping them with an objective assessment of the situation, identifying the most appropriate strategy and the technical tools best suited to their needs.

We provide the following services:

  • Financial due diligence of the company and analysis of the crisis.
  • Strategic crisis management with a view to company recovery as well as preparation of debt restructuring plans, recovery plans, restructuring agreements and tax transactions.
  • Litigation management and negotiations with creditors (banks, suppliers, employees, etc.), financing plans and related guarantees.
  • Assistance in arrangements with creditors, bankruptcy and voluntary liquidation proceedings.
  • Drafting agreements with creditors through recovery plans, restructuring agreements, out-of-court settlements and estimates, restructuring agreements and tax transactions.
  • Identifying potential responsibilities of directors and shareholders in corporate crisis management.
  • Acquisitions or disposals of companies, assets or receivables as liquidations in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Credit protection in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Protection against claims by bankruptcy bodies or actions for revocation and litigation in general.
  • Renegotiation and restructuring of the debt between the financing bodies and debtor companies, with analysis and adoption of precautions to protect client interests.
  • Adoption of corporate reorganization programs such as the sale of assets, businesses or receivables, staff downsizing, including during collective proceedings, creditor settlements, repayment plans and moratoria.

We work for the success of your business.

Studio legale Piselli and Partners

We analyze your individual case to understand your needs.

Studio legale Piselli and Partners offre consulenza giuridica

We propose a tailor made plan of action.

Studio legale Piselli and Partners offre consulenza giuridica

We remain at your side throughout each phase of the process.

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