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Legal assistance and advice for:

Out-of-court procedures for public contracts

Law Firm Piselli & Partners provides consulting services for managing tender procedures and contracts for public works, services and supplies.
We assist businesses and Contracting Authorities and support the Project Manager with:

  • Setting up the tender and drafting the relevant documents.
  • Evaluating the tender legitimacy.
  • Assistance in telematic tenders and on M.E.P.A. (Electronic Market of Public Administration).
  • Tender submissions.
  • Evaluation of participation requirements.
  • Investigation assistance.
  • Clarifications and questions during the tender.
  • Procedure for verifying anomalous bids.
  • Algorithmic decisions and assisted administrative procedure.
  • Conclusion of the tender contract.
  • Consultancy for managing the contract.
  • Contact execution in BIM (Building Information Modeling): contractual relations and technical specifications.
  • Subcontracts including assistance in authorization procedures.
  • Variant appraisals, additional acts as well as submitting and agreeing new prices.
  • Work suspensions, extensions of deadlines and penalties.
  • Proceedings for contract termination, policy enforcement and subsequent claims for damages.
  • Procedure for entering reserves in the accounts.
  • Procedures for interim payments, delays and exceptions for default.
  • Testing and verification procedures.
  • Responsibility for good execution.

We assist relationships between public and private sector organisations.

Studio legale Piselli and Partners

We analyze your individual case to understand your needs.

Studio legale Piselli and Partners offre consulenza giuridica

We propose a tailor made plan of action.

Studio legale Piselli and Partners offre consulenza giuridica

We remain at your side throughout each phase of the process.

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