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Italian, French, English

Graduated in Law with honors from University La Sapienza, Rome.

An Administrative Lawyer, he began his professional career at ANCE (National Association of Building Contractors) followed by Head of legal affairs as secretary general of Agi (Italian General Business Association), Head of legal and corporate affairs at Condotte d’Acqua s.p.a., then Vice-president at Fiec (European Construction Industry Federation).

An editor of specialized legal journals, he is the author of studies and publications on public contracts. Most recently he has contributed to ‘Procurement phase and the bidding phase’ in ‘Public Private Partnership the PPP guide’, Walters Kluwer, Milan, 2018; ‘The general contractor in the new contract code’, in the Code of Contracts and Concessions; Dlgs 50/2016, by Claudio Contessa and Domenico Crocco, Dei, Rome 2016; Commentary on articles 121 -124, in Public Procurement Code, edited by Stefano Baccarini, Giuseppe Chinè and Roberto Proietti, Giuffrè, Milan 2015; ‘L’uso del contractor generale nella realizzazione di opere pubbliche o di pubblica utilità’ (The use of general contractors in public works or utilities), in Leasing in costruzione, UTET, Turin, 2009.

He has held the following public positions: member of the Ministerial Commission for Price Revision in Public Procurement; EU expert in the GAIPEC group, set up to develop common European standards on constructor liability; Secretary of the LLPP Superior Council, CEN Commission Working Group 3 TC/330, mandated by the EU to prepare rules for a European qualification system for construction companies.
He contributed to the 2011 ASTRID – RESPUBLICA – ITALIADECIDE report on strategic infrastructure. Under the Italian Presidency of the EU, he coordinated the panel on Implementation of new EU directives and removal of internal market barriers at the Single Market Forum, in Rome on 13 February 2015 on the initiative of the European Commission and the Department for Community Policies of the Presidency of the Council.

Former teacher at several training schools (I.G.O.P., AFM, PARADIGMA, CISEL, OPERA, ITA, FORMEZ, VERSO L’EUROPA, etc.) and currently at Venezia Studi – PPI (Public Procurement Institute), Mediaconsult and Ceida, he has held several seminars on EU law, as well as directives and national legislation on awarding, executing and litigating public contracts; collaboration tools between companies such as temporary associations, consortia and EEIGs; Private Public Partnership and concessions as well as anti-mafia and anti-corruption legislation.

He is a consultant for Public Administrations, leading national and foreign companies as well as trade associations and international law firms.

He is an ANAC Arbitrator as referred to in Article 210 of Legislative Decree 50/2016.
Since 1996 he has been enrolled in the Rome Bar Association and is qualified to practice before the Superior Courts.

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