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Cyber Security

Information security has become fundamental to reliability and growth for all types and sizes of public and private organizations. The development of information technology and increasing use of cloud infrastructure has made digital information assets crucial but equally vulnerable.

Aware of the importance and complex challenges posed by IT protection and security, Piselli & Partners works with technology experts to offer assistance and legal advice to companies and public bodies to dynamically and flexibly deal with the risks of network and information systems. Our professionals also verify the IT security of specific subjects, diagnosing system criticality and planning the required implementation measures.

For Cyber Security, Piselli & Partners Law Firm provides the following services:

  • Assistance in elaborating and implementing IT security and information security management systems (ISMS, ISO 27001).
  • Internal auditing of information security management systems.
  • Legal compliance and assistance in certifying services, products and business processes, as well as assistance in preparing and participating in tenders for purchasing Cyber Security products or services.
  • Defence before ordinary and administrative judicial authorities for NIS measures (essential services operators and digital service providers).
  • Due diligence on the client’s IT security status and diagnosis of critical system issues to plan the necessary implementation measures.

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