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Law and technology: regulations and opportunities.

Piselli & Partners specializes in legal advice on innovation and new technologies: Blockchain, Smart Contracts, algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

The sustainable development of future society requires sustainable industries, investment in scientific research as well as increased and more powerful digital infrastructure. This is an unprecedented metamorphosis of processes as well as professional and corporate culture.
In this perspective, law and technology appear inextricably linked and the evolution of both must go hand in hand.

At Law Firm Piselli & Partners, we are aware of the challenges that businesses and Public Administrations face. Along with our national and international partners, we have created an advanced legal service that offers immediate and above all smart solutions called Legal Business Integration (LBI – blockchain registered). With this we provide our clients with a complete set of legal, business and information technology skills.

The purpose of the service is to effectively and proactively assist companies, private individuals and Public Administrations to make the best use of new technologies and effectively improve processes, sustainability, security and costs, in full harmony with their global development and values.

Piselli and Partners offre consulenza legale specializzata sulla Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Globalisation and digitisation require companies to integrate new technologies into their processes. Systems such as Blockchain and Smart Contract, Machine Learning, Automation and Data Analytics, Quantum Computing, BIM and Smart Technologies are an unmissable development opportunity. However, they pose risks that must be prevented through specialized legal advice, which the task force of professionals in Piselli & Partners offer.

Intellectual Property 4.0

The information economy has made Copyright law more complex to apply, opening up new possibilities but also new challenges, especially for protecting an innovation. Current technology dynamics require transparent tracing of the innovation and, at the same time, maximum secrecy of the processes. At Piselli & Partners we propose legal tools that combine the traditional concepts of license, patent and copyright with opportunities offered by systems such as the Blockchain.

Piselli and Partners offre consulenza legale su Cyber Security, Data Protection e Open Data

Data Protection & Open Data

Increasing the availability and possibilities of data use requires greater attention to identifying and protecting personal data. The new GDPR and Open Data Directive regulations have changed the approach to privacy protection in relation to new technologies, but the scenario remains complex.
The professionals at Piselli & Partners can guide clients towards the correct use of data and support them in defining tools to protect their data.

Cyber Security

The digitization of processes and use of cloud infrastructure has made cyber security a crucial issue for businesses and public bodies of all types and sizes.
In this context, at Piselli & Partners we work with technology experts to offer specialized assistance and legal advice to help our clients face risks associated with the new network systems.

Lo studio legale Piselli and Partners assiste le imprese in operazioni straordinarie come Tech Merger and Acquisition

Tech M&A

The acquisition of start-ups and SMEs with high technology traction is fundamentally important for companies that want to gain and maintain international competitive advantages. The interdisciplinary task force of professionals with proven experience at Piselli & Partners Law Firm assists large companies and start-ups in all types of extraordinary, high technology operations, especially intellectual and industrial protection of know-how and product due diligence.

Start-ups and technology SMEs

Start-ups develop highly disruptive but high-risk business ideas and need a dynamic and integrated corporate, tax and financial consulting service that is as innovative and smart as the start-up itself.
For this, Piselli & Partners has a task force of professionals with multidisciplinary skills who assist and support start-ups and innovative SMEs in their business development phases, also covering extraordinary operations.

Lo studio legale Piselli and Partners offre consulenza legale in materia di Financial Tehcnologies

FinTech and electronic payments

Today, banking and financial operators have a number of technological innovations at their disposal which affect different sub-segments of the market. These include alternative financing procedures, electronic payments and risk management. At Piselli & Partners we have developed multiple competences in Financial Tehcnologies (FinTech) to help our clients deal consciously with control and supervision activities required by the new regulations and to seize the development opportunities of financial innovations.


E-commerce offers great opportunities for growth to companies of all sizes but, at the same time it creates legal issues, especially with safeguarding buyer data. In this context, the specialized professionals at Piselli & Partners offer assistance and consulting to protect the safety of consumers while ensuring healthy business development through e-commerce.

Lo studio legale Piselli and Partners offre consulenza legale in materia di Smart Cities

ArtTech & Finance

From crowdfunding for new initiatives to tokenizing works through the Blockchain and new financial instruments such as art lending and art funds, new technologies are opening up additional scenarios in the world of art and cultural heritage. There are interesting opportunities for operators in the sector as well as for small and large investors. Always attentive to developments, Piselli & Partners has a dedicated team of professionals to guide clients towards new opportunities in the art market.

Smart Cities

Smart cities are capable of managing resources and services, implementing sustainable economies, offering greater energy efficiency and improving the quality of life for inhabitants. These Smart Cities are made possible by new digital technologies. Strengthened by our experience in administrative law, at Piselli & Partners we act as interlocutors for Public Administrations and companies that have to orientate themselves in a new concessionary system that integrates traditional tools of administrative law with emerging technology.

Studio Legale Piselli and Partners specializzato in materia di innovazione e nuove tecnologie: Blockchain, Smart Contracts, algoritmi e Intelligenza Artificial

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Studio legale Piselli and Partners offre consulenza giuridica

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