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Over thirty years of experience in administrative law.

Piselli & Partners is a leading Italian law firm specializing in administrative law, in particular in public contracts, tenders and concessions, urban planning and real estate, energy and environment, Art and cultural heritage, antitrust, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, revenue liability.

We benefit from over thirty years’ experience in administrative law, offering assistance to private individuals as well as leading national and international companies in administrative relations with public administrations, bodies and companies.

Relying on Piselli & Partners, you can count on a team of professionals highly specialized in all fields of administrative law, from public contracts (works, services and supplies) to the regulation of territorial government (urban planning, environment and energy), as well as antitrust, pharmaceutical law and public employment law as well as administrative-accounting responsibility.

We support our clients with global protection, providing legal advice at every stage of tender procedures, representation in court before all Italian judicial bodies (T.A.R., Ordinary Courts, Tribunals and Courts of Appeal throughout Italy, Council of State, Court of Auditors and Supreme Court of Cassation) and in the EU (European Court of Justice, ECHR), as well as before national Authorities (AGCM, ANAC, AGCOM, ARERA) and the European Commission.

Lo studio legale Piselli and Partners offre assistenza legale in ambito stragiudiziale e contenzioso nella contrattualistica pubblica

Public contracts: Out of Court

Corporate participation in invitations to tender and the preparation of the tender procedures by public purchasers are complex activities that are subject to constantly evolving regulations and require constant updating and specialized expertise.
Our goal is to protect the company during the tendering process, avoiding negative situations and guaranteeing the expected result. Following the conclusion of any contract, we provide further assistance if needed to safeguard the success of the relationship.
For public clients, we at Piselli & Partners assist Contracting Authorities and Project Managers in planning works, setting up tenders, preparing the related documentation, providing support during the procedure and execution of the contract, to minimize any possible objections during the tender and ensure execution of the contract according to the set timescales and costs.

Public contracts: litigation

We offer legal assistance in all areas related to administrative public contracts – for participation and tendering – and in civil law, for execution of the contract.
We follow litigation in this sector before any civil court (Ordinary Courts, Court of Appeal, Court of Cassation), administrative courts (TAR, Council of State), special courts (Regional and Superior Courts of Public Water), as well as before public and private, national and international arbitration panels in connection with the Bonario Agreement and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

We assist our clients in the EU (EU Court of Justice, European Commission) and in proceedings before Independent Administrative Authorities, including the A.N.A.C. (former Supervisory Authority for Public Contracts for Works, Services and Supplies) and the Competition and Market Authority.

Lo studio legale Piselli and Partners presta consulenza giuridica e tecnico-progettuale per servizi di progettazione e BIM

Concessions, Project Financing and PPPs

In the current public finance climate, using contracts involving private capital for public works and services has an increasingly central role in public contracts. This means companies and public clients need to go beyond traditional procurement models. It is therefore essential to combine legal experience with financial, fiscal and management skills.
With this in mind, at Piselli & Partners we assist companies and public clients in all phases of Concessions and Public-Private Partnership initiatives – from presenting the proposal to conclusion of the work or service, including public tenders and assistance in any administrative or civil litigation.

Design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) services

We provide assistance with architecture and engineering services, for public and private contracts during tendering and execution.

In addition to traditional design, we offer legal and technical-design consultancy (together with external professionals), as part of the new BIM method for designing and implementing public works and related Collaborative Agreement contracts committing all parties involved.

Global Service and Maintenance

In recent years the phenomenon of outsourcing the management and maintenance of real estate properties (‘Global Service’) has become increasingly important in both public and private sectors. Entrusting multiple activities to a single manager and/or maintainer allows the property owner to concentrate on their core business activities and have a single interlocutor responsible for full maintenance and management of the property. Global Service is a complex, mixed contract of works, services and supplies. To manage this it is advisable to involve legal and technical professionals.
At Piselli & Partners we assist and advise the parties involved in global services as well as property and plant maintenance.

Business certification: limited companies – SOA

We provide advice and support on qualifying for public works, assisting companies and SOA bodies in certification proceedings before the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) and any related judicial disputes.

We also assist with certification for services and supplies, taking care of all problems concerning entries in registers and official lists for businesses in Italy and abroad, including the M.E.P.A. of Consip S.p.A., as well as contracting authority certification systems in the special sectors

Lo studio legale Piselli and Partners è specializzato in diritto amministrativo e appalti pubblici

Antitrust and economic regulation

At Piselli & Partners Law Firm we offer assistance and advice on competition law and regulations concerning electronic communications, postal services, energy, waste, water services and transport.

We represent our clients in all phases of proceedings before the European Commission, the Italian Competition and Market Authority, the national sector regulatory authorities (AGCom, ARERA, ART) and in relations with central and local administrations for these sectors.

Ethics, anti-corruption and compliance

A reputation built on solid foundations of ethics, morality and legality is, today more than ever, a value that must be protected to consolidate the ability to operate in the market, improve the chances of acquiring contracts and prevent conduct that may be detrimental to the corporate image and relationships of trust with customers and clients.
Similarly, within Public Administration, implementing multiple requirements regarding anti-corruption and transparency are essential, as are codes of ethics, internal monitoring protocols and training for public officials.
With this in mind, the professionals at Piselli & Partners provide support and legal advice to companies in developing preventive strategies as well as compliance and risk management systems.

Temporary groups, consortia and enterprise networks

Concluding robust agreements between companies and choosing contracts that best suits the customer’s needs are crucial for protecting a business and managing any litigation.
While in the past a simple handshake may have sufficed, it is now essential to draw up specific documents to protect the company in many ways and avoid defaults or economic problems that could negatively impact expected economic results. Piselli & Partners offers complete assistance to identify, evaluate, address and draft the most appropriate agreement to the specific case, to protect and safeguard the client from any negative event and ensure a successful conclusion of the activity.

Energy and environment

The need to balance protection of the environment and natural resources with safeguarding economic competitiveness is increasingly central to national and European policies that are looking to move towards a circular economy which rethinks traditional production strategies and market models.
At Piselli & Partners we assist public and private entities in this process of change, both in the energy sector (especially renewable energy) and the environment (especially Green Public Procurement), offering advice on financial, real estate and tax law and related administrative, civil and criminal litigation.

Lo studio legale Piselli and Partners assiste soggetti pubblici e privati nei settori dell'energia e dell'ambiente

Urban planning, real estate and urban regeneration

We provide legal assistance in all extra-judicial and judicial areas related to the transformation, use and regulation of land. This includes proceedings concerning traditional building and urban regeneration interventions (both direct and contracted), environmental, landscape and cultural interest permits and authorizations, building sanctions (orders to suspend work, demolition, reduction in pristine areas, property acquisitions), regularization procedures and building amnesties, expropriation proceedings and contesting compensation from expropriation for public utility as well as all other proceedings, contracts or agreements in any way connected with building activity (including proceedings to recognize tax bonuses, preliminary contracts and contracts to buy land).

Revenue liability and Court of Auditors

In the ever-evolving legal and regulatory organizational context of Public Administration, including private law companies with a majority of public capital and in-house companies, the scope of accounting and administrative responsibility has widened and extended with additional variations. Particular attention must undoubtedly be paid to verifying whether under private law a corporate entity is fully autonomous and distinct. This includes those in authority and the shareholders as well as whether the entity has its own assets (corporate entity under private law) distinct from those who hold shares. We at Piselli & Partners, deal with all issues relating to administrative and accounting liability in a service relationship with Public Administration as well as accounting liability which could create a public finance loss. We provide assistance in pre-litigation and in proceedings before regional Courts of Auditors, courts of appeal, court chambers and special chambers of the Court of Auditors.

Art and Cultural Heritage

The art and cultural heritage sector is subject to special legislation that intersects with other areas such as public contracts, as well as town planning, civil, tax and criminal law, which make the matter very complicated. The sector is complex and multi-disciplined which requires a team of professionals capable of framing and addressing the issues from different points of view to solve them in the most effective way for the client. At Piselli & Partners we provide judicial and extrajudicial legal assistance for all areas of art and cultural heritage law, for both private and public entities.

Studio Legale Piselli and Partners - diritto amministrativo, contrattualistica pubblica, appalti e concessioni pubbliche

We assist relationships between public and private sector organisations.

Studio legale Piselli and Partners

We analyze your individual case to understand your needs.

Studio legale Piselli and Partners offre consulenza giuridica

We propose a tailor made plan of action.

Studio legale Piselli and Partners offre consulenza giuridica

We remain at your side throughout each phase of the process.

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