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ArtTech & Finance

New technologies are also opening new frontiers in the art world, especially for the market and collecting, involving businesses as well as small and large investors. This market is destined to continue to grow exponentially, also due to major specialized investment funds. Online markets have fostered transparency and trust, access to information and democratization of art, with services from crowdfunding to new platforms for the certification and tokenisation of works of art (for example Blockchain), but also a reinterpretation of artwork in a purely financial way, such as art lending and art funds.

Piselli & Partners has a specific disciplinary and consulting space for this sector, accompanying clients (artists, gallery owners, banks, companies, private clients, cultural institutions, collectors, foundations, museums, etc.) towards an innovative and ethical use of art.

For ArtTech, Piselli & Partners offers assistance with:

  • Configuring art lending operations.
  • Constitution and management of art funds.
  • Participating in the art bonus program.
  • Drafting contracts for buying and selling art on digital platforms.
  • Contracts for investment in shares of artworks.
  • Due diligence and Art Advisory contracts.
  • Legal protection for the authenticity of works of art through certification on blockchain.
  • Protection of copyright, intellectual property and related rights.
  • Development and sponsorship of projects related to art and new technologies.

We explore the potential of new technologies.

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Studio legale Piselli and Partners offre consulenza giuridica

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