Born after the demerger of Studio Cancrini Piselli of Rome, Piselli & Partners continues to offer its own clients the legal services traditionally provided but, always with the same care and attention and due to the contribution of new Partners, it adds further services regarding matters of interest for companies and administrations, pursuing a customer global protection logic.

The close interconnections between the various legal areas and the market globalization have led, as a matter of fact, Piselli & Partners to the awareness that the solution to a specific legal issue becomes optimal only if it is examined in its entirety, from all points of view, evaluating the implications of national and international law.

A legal service results, which, together with the usual competence and seriousness, a hallmark of the entire professional activity of its own founder Pierluigi Piselli, also combines specific interconnections with different EU State systems (Great Britain, Romania, Croatia and Greece) and non EU State systems (Russia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Morocco, Ghana), towards an international reality increasingly necessary for a real development of the entrepreneurial business.

All while providing precise connections between the various reference legal areas.

Hence the joint of Piselli & Partners – Public Procurement Law Firm, which aims at providing a legal service in accordance with the needs of a modern entrepreneurial class and of a new social fabric, adequate to the global reality and, at the same time, specific to the twenty-first century.

Piselli & Partners - Roma



Aware of the need of every customer to have a proper support and especially a close one, in order to favor the fast response necessity, Piselli & Partners has opened its own operational locations and support offices in various Italian and foreign cities.