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Piselli and Partners is a law firm specialized in public contracts, corporate law and new technologies law Piselli and Partners is a law firm specialized in public contracts, corporate law and new technologies law

Experience, competence, strategy and innovation: our strength, your security.

Piselli & Partners.

At your side to grow your business.

Our vision

With extensive experience of national and international public contracts and administrative law, we at Piselli & Partners offer Public Administrations and Companies legal advice and assistance to deal with the most complex problems.

The current global context is dominated by digital transformation and clients must develop new innovative, fast and above all smarter processes. So, we have developed our structure while maintaining the richness of our identity and tradition with public procurement, businesses and public administration.

From SMEs to consolidated companies and public administrations every organization faces digital transformation, in line with rules and regulations. Our vision is to be passionately alongside our client as trusted lawyers and advisors during this digital evolution.

Our development

Always anticipating challenges our clients are facing, in recent years we have focused on public and private procurement with its related issues, as well as internationalization of businesses from a strategic and multidisciplinary perspective.

Today, such an international vision must also encompass the scope and effects of automation and digital transformation. This requires legal services with business and information technology skills and abilities.

We have therefore designed a highly sophisticated and integrated legal service, Legal Business Integration (LBIblockchain registered) to effectively support our clients from a legal point of view and from the technological and business points of view.

Our traditional areas of activity – administrative law and civil law concerning public procurement and corporate internationalization – have naturally been enriched with services from business and the new and multifaceted Innovation sector.

A multidisciplinary team, three specialist areas.


Where we deal with public procurement, for both businesses and public administrations.

Piselli and Partners studio legale specializzato in appalti pubblici, diritto amministrativo e contrattualistica pubblica


Where we provide clients with full assistance and consulting for the conception, start-up, consolidation and growth of their business, including acquisitions and extraordinary operations..

Piselli & Partners studio legale specializzato in diritto societario e internazionalizzazione d’impresa, M&A, ristrutturazioni aziendali, Corporate Finance, appalti internazionali e fondi comunitari.


Where we fully develop our Legal Business Integration concept with specialized services that accompany clients during digital transformation.

Piselli and Partners studio legale specializzato in innovazione e nuove tecnologie come Blockchain e Smart Contracts

Our values.

Fixed points in a changing world.


This is a basic principle to ensure the best results for our clients. We attract the best talent and carefully plan continuous training for every professional within our team.


We are only satisfied when we achieve the maximum in everything we do and we continue to raise the level of our commitment.

Customer Orientation

We listen and fully understand our customers’ objectives and requirements so we can propose the best solutions in clear language. We want to be there when it matters most. We anticipate problems and highlight opportunities beyond the specific task, because we win when clients win.


We work honestly and sincerely with our clients. Always guided by ethics and morality.


We are committed to constantly improving our services through technology, to be true pioneers in legal advice for technology.


We strongly believe that progress can no longer be separated from sustainability and innovation. Also, the legal profession can and must contribute to a better future with a more tolerant and inclusive world.

Piselli and Partners studio legale

Rely on us, protect your business

We create a relationship based on understanding your business, abilities and professionalism.
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