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Legal advice and assistance for:

Temporary groupings, consortia and enterprise networks

Piselli & Partners Law Firm has significant experience in assisting companies with negotiating, concluding and managing business collaboration agreements of all kinds:

  • Contracts (temporary groups of companies and professionals, ordinary and permanent consortia of companies and professionals, business networks, joint ventures, partnerships).
  • Any other economic initiative or project.

Moreover, we specialize in the conception, development and creation of Stable Consortia and Enterprise Networks (both “contract” and “subject” networks), for participation in public contracts and their execution.

In practice, we assist in all types of contractual agreements between companies and professionals.
In particular:

  • Agreements on temporary groups, ordinary and permanent consortia, business networks, EEIGs, partnerships, etc.
  • Articles of association, statutes and regulations of temporary groups, ordinary and permanent consortia, enterprise networks, SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles), project companies or public-private joint ventures.
  • Mandates and regulations of temporary groups.
  • Shareholder agreements or side agreements related to any type of agreement between enterprises.
  • Subcontracting, ongoing collaboration agreements pursuant to Legislative Decree 50/2016 105(3)(c)(2).
  • Contracts to use works, services or supplies.
  • Contracts to supply works, services or supplies.

We assist relationships between public and private sector organisations.

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Studio legale Piselli and Partners offre consulenza giuridica

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