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Piselli and Partners Law Firm lifelong learning program Piselli and Partners Law Firm lifelong learning program

Training with Piselli & Partners.

Continuous learning – a strategic lever for business development.

At Piselli & Partners we believe that training is vital and we remain committed to carefully and consistently keeping our clients up to date on legal issues.

For years we have been a benchmark for legal training. Our qualified partners include Public Procurement Innovation and Venezia Studi who share our vision on the importance of professional legal training as well as the belief that lifelong learning maintains competitive advantages for companies and Public Administration.

Today more than ever, the business world and Public Administration must communicate and collaborate, starting with training, and be aligned to jointly overcome today’s challenges and paradoxes.

Multidisciplinary high-quality courses.

From theory to practice: how to integrate legal, managerial and technological skills.

Our training partners focus on excellent content and regulatory accuracy, ensuring that topics are transversal and the advice is practical and applicable to the regulations. With the new national and global economic dynamics, training must now be multidisciplinary.
Today perhaps more than ever, in addition to managerial capacity, public and private administrators must have considerable technical-legal skills that also cover new technologies. The need to understand and master new technologies (e.g. blockchain, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, etc.) goes beyond optimizing processes and is now essential to maintaining market positioning and competitiveness.

Public Procurement Innovation offers training at the forefront of law because it deals strictly with issues related to Law, Technology and Digital Transformation for both the private sector and, increasingly of interest, for the public sector.

Venezia Studi offers training on public procurement with specific attention to the evolution of specific legal institutions.

The regular courses are by webinar and participation is attested by certificates registered in blockchain.

Where required, we also offer traditional formats with classrooms and in-house courses.

Lifelong learning for a better and more sustainable society

We are also confident that lifelong learning is a winning approach to life and work. It also has a wider meaning and, as recognised across Europe, is key to enabling individual countries to be more inclusive, tolerant and democratic.

We do our part, together with you.

Rely on us,
stay up-to-date and grow your business.

to learn more about our training.

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