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Public contract law – extrajudicial
Public contract law – litigation
Public contract law – ethics and anti-corruption
Consortia, EEIG and temporary joint ventures
Project financing, leasing in costruendo and concessions
Competition and regulated business
Energy and energy saving
Administrative – accounting liability and loss of revenue to the State
Internationalization of business
International projects and EU funds


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He graduated in law with honors from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He obtained a PhD degree in Public Disciplines at the University of Teramo in 2001.

Since 2013 he has been Professor of Administrative Law at the Department of Jurisprudence of the Faculty of Law of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and Director of the II Level Master in Environmental Law organized at the same Department.

After his victory at the public competition for qualifications and exams, since February 2001 he has been nominated in the directive career role of the Italian Competition Authority. In 2008 the Authority conferred him the role of the head of the Office for Relations with Public Institutions and in 2009 that of the Head of the Conflict of Interest Office, competent to apply the law 20 July 2004, n.215.

From December 2011 until March 2013 he was Deputy Head of the Technical Secretariat of the Undersecretary of the State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Secretary of the Council of Ministers (the Monti Cabinet).

He is the author of publications concerning the analogy and interpretative power of the judge; public contracts; judicial review; jurisdictional protection of interests; advisory activity in the public administration; competition; economic and legal analysis of regulation, public goods, cultural heritage, environment, conflicts of interest and corruption, administrative process and public companies.

He has written three monographs: Disciplina della concorrenza e diritto amministrativo (Competition discipline and administrative law), Editoriale scientifica, Naples, 2008; L’Antitrust in Italia, Il nuovo ordinamento (The Antitrust in Italy, The new system (the latter together with Antonio Catricalà)), Giuffrè Editore, Milan, 2010; I beni pubblici. Imperativi del mercato e diritti della collettività (Public goods. Market imperatives and rights of the community), Jovene Editore, Naples, 2015.

Together with Maurizio Meschino, he also edited the following books: Le Società partecipate dopo la Riforma Madia, Commento organico al D.lgs. 19 agosto 2016, n. 175 (The subsidiaries after the Madia reform, organic commentary on the Legislative Decree of 19 August 2016, n. 175), Dike, Giuridica editrice, Rome, 2016; L’esecuzione dei contratti pubblici, Guida alle regole del rapporto contrattuale alla luce del decreto correttivo n.56/2017 (The execution of public contracts, Guide to the rules of the contractual relationship in the light of the corrective decree n.56 / 2017), Dike, Giuridica editrice, Rome, 2017; I nuovi appalti pubblici di servizi e forniture (New public procurement of services and supplies), Dike, Giuridica editrice, Rome, 2017; Il partenariato pubblico-privato e le concessioni. Guida alla normativa alla luce del decreto correttivo n. 56/2017 (The public-private partnership and the concessions. Guide to the legislation in light of the corrective decree n. 56/2017), Dike, Giuridica editrice, Rome, 2017.

Since February 2015 he has been a cassation lawyer.