The Tax department assists and represents residents and non-residents, both with the Tax authorities and at the courts, in order to solve the tax disputes during the tax audits, in the tax settlements and at the courts, up to the Supreme Court of Cassation.

Piselli & Partners assists the customer within the various request for a ruling proceedings – ordinary, anti-avoidance, non-application of anti-avoidance dispositions – before the offices of the Financial Administration.

Furthermore, Piselli & Partners provides assistance within the tax configuration and planning of ordinary and extraordinary corporate transactions, real estate operations, operations of sale and purchase of shareholdings and in joint venture, as well as corporate and corporate group reorganizations and restructurings.

The customers are assisted in every respect of the ordinary taxation of the company and of the corporate groups, of the taxation of family businesses and of the generational succession; furthermore, within the indirect taxation, within the national and cross border operations, within the international taxation and within the planning of the heritage management of natural persons, residents and non-residents on the Italian territory.

Last, but not least, it provides assistance in relation to the tax aspects connected with the issuance of financial instruments, offers of debt securities and capital by national or foreign issuers, but also the setting up of mutual funds of securities and real estate investment.

The department has developed a thorough knowledge regarding the analysis and interpretation of the conventions against double taxations, within the definition of the transfer pricing policies, as well as within the licensing, cost-share agreements and the dividend flows, royalties and interests among the subjects located in various States.