The civil right department represents the other historical pillar of Founding Partner Pierluigi Piselli.

Coordinated by Partner Emilia Piselli who, with over twenty years of professionalism and competence, has been carrying out top management roles within the Cancrini Piselli Legal Studio, gaining extensive experience within this field.

The department provides, promptly and competently, the legal advice and assistance in managing contracts, providing aid for the issues regarding the execution of the contracts (delayed payments, price revision, subcontracts, resolutions and termination of contracts), for the entering of reserves and for the resolution of disputes in extrajudicial stage, by means of transactions and simple agreements.

It is structured so that it can represent in all Courts and in all Italian Courts of Appeal, as well as before the Higher Courts.

Special competencies have been achieved by the department within the arbitration proceedings, both between private subjects and between companies and public administrations.