Historical professional heritage of Founding Partner Pierluigi Piselli, the administrative department consists of more than ten legal offices.

Piselli & Partners ranks, as a matter of fact, among the main law firms of Italian origin within the field of administrative law, specialized in public, urban, environment, energy and competition contract law.

The department provides legal advice and assistance to private companies, both within the attendance of tender procedure and within the “mounting” of operations of project financing, global service, leasing in costruendo and similar.

Piselli & Partners provides the representation in all the Regional Administrative Courts and before the Higher Courts (the State Council and the Court of Cassation), as well as before the Court of Auditors.

Within the EU community, it provides assistance in procedures initiated before the European Commission, Pierluigi Piselli being listed on the European Register of the Interest Representatives.

Moreover, by means of the administrative department, Piselli & Partners provides assistance and legal defense before the EU Court of Justice and the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg.